GWPM Rental Property Management Services

Are you managing your own income properties? Frustrated with bounced checks, vacancies, equipment failures, changing regulations, and late-night phone calls?

Whether you own a single family home, a few condominiums, or a multi-site or apartment complex, Golden West Property Management Inc. can develop a complete personalized management program based on your specific requirements. Let GWPM administer your residential income property and keep you worry-free, fully informed, and up-to-date with what's going on with your property.

Experienced Staff

Jan Standish, President of GWPM Inc. and Director of the Rental Property Management Division, is fully qualified in all aspects of property management. In addition to maintaining a Real Estate Broker's License, Jan has an impressive background in accounting with 40 years devoted specifically to property management. Working with major Orange County developers and investors, she gained expertise in the management of properties ranging from a single family dwelling to a complex with 490 units. Your personal property management requirements, views, and problems are of prime concern to our company. GWPM will always make time to personally attend to your needs.

Maximize your Investment

  • Fill vacant space quickly
  • Set rents correctly
  • Screen tenants carefully
  • Collect rents promptly
  • Pay authorized disbursements & remit net proceeds to you promptly
  • Establish & fully enforce the policies & procedures set forth in lease agreements or established by law
  • Administer lease renewals, re-negotiations & terminations
  • Handle complaints & requests
  • 24/7 emergency number
  • Supervise repairs or maintenance services
  • Conduct a periodic inspection of the property to ensure compliance with lease provisions
  • Make recommendations to help maintain the property's physical and economic viability.

Financial Management of Income Property

  • Frequent review of the rental market & appropriate rental adjustments to insure highest return on your investment
  • Individual accounting of each property
  • Professional monthly statement that includes year-to-date accounting to simplify your year end tax preparation
  • Complete audit file of your property
  • Evaluate your real estate investment portfolio to show you how to reduce expenses and help you maximize your renal income

Pricing for Rental Property Management Services

$100 $100 up to 10 units
11 units & up - $2 per unit extra
This fee includes setting up the files and paperwork pertaining to your individual property. This fee is required upon signing the Management Agreement

$90 7-9% of all income
This monthly fee covers collecting rent, paying all bills (including mortgage payment if you wish) and sending owner proceeds by the 10th of each month. This fee also includes service of 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit and 30 Day Notice to Vacate, if applicable, and computerized financial reports monthly for your property.

We ask that all owners keep a $300.00 balance in their account to cover any type of emergency repair, if the need arises.

(Exclusive Service for our Full Service Clients)
Advertising costs + $150 Advertising costs + $150
The $150.00 fee includes showing your property to prospective tenants, screening your applicants through the U.D. Registry and following up with all the necessary paperwork, rental agreements, etc.

We must have a $300.00 advance payment to cover the advertising costs in the Orange County Register, or any other newspaper you prefer.

We require from the new tenant(s) the first full month's rent in full and one full month's security deposit in Certified Funds prior to move-in.

As owner, you may elect to keep the Security Deposit in our Trust Account or have it forwarded to yourself, thereby making you responsible for the return of the deposit when your tenants vacate

PLEASE NOTE: As long as the property remains vacant, the monthly management fee charge is only 1/2 of monthly fee. There is a possibility of a fuel surcharge.

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